Beard Oil

By King of Beards

King Of Beards premium beard oil is a must have for any gentleman. From stubble to floor tickler, the battle for a great looking beard begins beneath the beard with the skin. Specially designed through countless trials, our premium beard oil contains the complete package for a full beard and healthy skin. Always hand made with only natural oils, King of Beards beard oil contains moisturizing, irritation prevention, and hair protection properties help your beard grow and look fantastic. 
Facial hair tends to be much more brittle and dry than the hair on your head and it is because of this that some of us bearded brothers experience dryness, itchiness, and at times redness of the face.

Our Premium Beard Oil:

1. Relaxes and conditions your facial hair making it easier to groom. 
2. Prevents that dry and itchy feeling we all know and hate.
3. Provides your beard with a subtle sheen and smooth feel that leaves your beard not just looking healthy but feeling healthy. 

Directions: Because the amount of beard oil applied depends on client preference and length of your beard, we can only make a recommendation of application. Fill the glass dropper with beard oil to the half point and apply to the palm of either hand. Apply and massage throughout a damp or towel dried beard for best results. Comb or brush with your favorite King of Beards grooming essential product. 

1 fl. oz

May contain allergens. Please test in a small area before use.
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