Beard Wash - Coming Soon!
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Here at King of Beards we like to refer to our beard wash/conditioner as a beard "reset". Reason being is, it's made with only the best cleaning properties; our beard wash is meant to rid your beard of all dirt, grime, and any product you've applied to your beard previously and condition it to soften the hair. Our beard wash/conditioner will leave you feeling clean and fresh and primed for your next application of our signature beard oil. As you can expect will all King of Beards products, our wash/conditioner is hand made and all natural.

Offered in our King of Beards Signature scent and Unscented.

Directions: Apply a dime sized amount of wash into the palm of your hand and with the other hand create a lather. Apply to the beard in a massaging motion to get to the root of the hair follicle. Keep in mind that this application is essential to remove any dead skin cells underneath the hair. Leave in for a few minutes so your beard can soak in the wash/conditioner. Afterward, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

King's Suggestion: Wash the hair on your head with your regular scalp shampoo while showering before applying the beard wash/conditioner. We suggest this to avoid any remnant of your scalp wash to mix with the beard wash - the good stuff! You can apply your beard wash/conditioner in the shower or afterward.

As noted in our FAQs, we recommend using our beard wash/conditioner 1-3 times a week. We say to avoid stripping your beard of its essential oils and drying it out.