About Us

Established in 2015, the initial mission for King of Beards was to be the premier beard care brand for Miami barbers and in just a short amount of time, the local mission became a global vision. 

My trademark has always been my beard and yet the idea of applying product to my beard was foreign to me. However, I figured that you should keep your facial hair healthy just like the hair on your head. It was after months of researching different carrier oils and their effects on my beard and the countless trials thereafter that I could conclude which carrier oils had the most prominent effect on the softness and luster of the facial hair along with which oils best tamed my beard. Naturally, the next step was choosing a scent for the products and so I experimented with countless essential oils until I felt I had chosen a handful of premium scents that could universally be enjoyed by the modern gentleman. 

What started out as a small beard oil company soon became the exclusive supplier for beard care products to a number of Miami’s top barber shops. The brand would soon solidify itself as a Miami staple – much like its owner. Soon the demand for King of Beards products reached a national level and naturally in time an international level. King of Beards would then expand its beard care line to include several products including but not limited to beard washes, beard balms, and grooming essentials to maintain your mane.

I believe it in my heart that my brand is the best beard care brand on the planet and that my products, always handmade in small batches, is the best your beard deserves. 

Welcome to my passion, my work, and my vision. 

Stay Loyal, 

Ralph Palacios, Owner
King of Beards